Hanaka Group Joint Stock Company was established in 1994 from its precursor, Hanaka electric equipment plant, Hong Ngoc Company Limmited. After 25 years of development under the direction of Mr. Man Ngoc Anh, Chairman of the Board - General Director, Hanaka has become one of the largest multi-disciplinary private corporations in Vietnam.

With a variety of business fields, Hanaka launched products like hanging and underground electric wires and cables with 2, 3 & 4 cores, optional, flat electric wires, etc. to provide comprehensive supply for manufacturing transformers, motors, electricity meters and power stations. Besides, Hanaka also launched 110kV-500kV transmission transformers and 10kV-35kV distribution transformers.

Hanaka is also known as one of the groups manufacturing and trading packages and cans for food and beverage industry. In 2018, Hanaka Group started focusing on real estate development, infrastructure construction, hotel business, restaurant, office for lease, trading service, etc. Currently, in the field of real estate, Hanaka is developing 240 hectares of urban areas, 350 hectares of industrial parks, including projects on smart cities Hanaka Paris City: Paris dream in the heart of Tu Son and combined projects on Hong Kong – London Shopping Mall

At present, HANAKA has the total charter capital of 1699 billion dong, total assets of 4,000 billion dong and 1,000 employees and officers. In recent years, Hanaka has emerged as a unit with a strong strategy focusing on the field of technology. With professional solutions of technology and environment 4.0 Hanaka has brought a lovely green, fresh air, prosperous craft villages, European-class urban area. Hanaka has also brought happiness to everyone, pride to reach out to the world with Vietnam!

HANAKA - Comprehensive power-saving solution - Leading manufacturer of transformers, electric cables in Vietnam!

HANAKA - Transmission circuit connecting the electric power between cities and industrial parks, society and human life!

HANAKA - Fulfill the national key mechanical mission – A factory manufacturing up to 500KV transformers with the most advanced 4.0 technology in Southeast Asia!

HANAKA - Symbol of humanity- charity, reducing concerns, bringing happiness, sustainable development and prosperity to everyone

HANAKA - Smart city – Prosperity - Paris dream in the heart of Tu Son!

HANAKA - Cumulative value of sustainable development!
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