Group development strategy

The Group’s President, Man Ngoc Anh has nurtured the idea of ​​developing a strong and multidisciplinary Group for a long time and this is also an important motivation for the President to establish and develop tens of enterprises and factories with different production and business fields over ten years. That is the initial basis and foundation for the establishment of HANAKA Group at present. The establishment of HANAKA Group’ 14/02/2007 has officially marked an important turning point to a new stage on the way to build the group of the President Man Ngoc Anh. It allows a gradual transfer of the owner’s equity from separate companies and factories of shareholders, companies and the president to HANAKA Group Joint Stock Company. Moreover, it is also a premise for the issuance of shares and the participation in the Group's stock market in order to attract the participation and capital of other investors having the same desire to develop the group, enrich individuals, families and the country.

HANAKA Group will focus on developing key areas such as industry, electrical equipment, construction, real estate, finance, commerce and services. Since 2019, production and business activities of the Group has still focused on its strengths that are industry and electrical equipment. At the same time, the group has also started to gain successes, invest or join as a strategic shareholder of other companies to fully develop its key areas.
Consulting & Cooperation

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